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Penile Implants

Patients seeking penile prosthesis should have a thorough assessment to ensure that surgery is the appropriate option for them. Penile prosthesis implantation usually represents the final step of a long diagnostic and therapeutic pathway, when other medical treatments (pills, pumps, injections) have proved ineffective or not suitable and in the right patient can be lifechanging.

Patients need to be fully aware that the goal of penile prosthesis implantation is to guarantee a straight and rigid penis for penetrative sexual intercourse with preservation of sensation and orgasmic function. It will not restore previous lost length or girth despite what other sources may claim. Penile prosthesis implantation represents the last resort and is irreversible, as the natural erectile tissue is destroyed during the surgery. Most last 10 -15 years depending on use after which they can be revised.

Mr Gordon has trained extensively in penile implantation having completed two fellowships in this highly specialised field, including working under the world-renowned Professor David Ralph. He offers both penoscrotal (preferred route) as well was infrapubic. When seeking penile implant surgery, I would advise patients ensure that their surgeon are both fellowship trained and high volume (generally thought to be >15 implants per year, Mr Gordon does closer to 100 each year). Different implants/approaches are personal to each patient, and I would always recommend patients take their time to research both their surgeon and implant choice. I have listed below links to the three implant companies I work with.