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What to Expect


Patients can choose to be seen at either the Spire at Roundhay in Leeds or the Duchy (Circle group) in Harrogate. Payment is required in advance to confirm your appointment, or if insured please bring evidence of this. Insurers Mr Gordon works with are listed below. Please arrive 15mins early to allow for any administration tasks before your consultation time. Patients can usually expect to be seen within a few weeks of enquiry. Standard initial consultation time is 20mins and 15mins for follow-ups, however, if you feel longer is required, please let us know. 

Initial consultation fees start at £200 with follow-up visits being £150. Payment will be taken at least 48hrs prior to the consultation either by bank transfer or over the phone to my secretary to confirm the appointment. Please note this is just the consultation fee that is paid directly. Any scans, medications or subsequent procedures will be billed directly from the hospital. On check-in at reception card details will often be taken and stored by the hospital, but no payment will be taken from this unless any of the above are undertaken.


Any medications prescribed can either be picked up with a prescription at the onsite pharmacy for a fee or we can sometimes request that these be supplied by your General Practitioner (who may also charge a private fee). Each operation is personal to that patient and time will be taken to go through each procedure. If having a general anaesthetic and going home the same day you will require someone to pick you up and stay with you that night.

Ready to take the next step?

Insured patients will often require a referral from their GP or another specialist before their insurance company will approve any subsequent consultations/treatments. Insured patients require an authorisation code from their insurance company prior to the consultation otherwise a consultation fee will be taken, this can be claimed back from the insurance provider. 

Self-paying patients can book in directly to see Mr Gordon. We will do all we can to limit the costs and tailor the right investigations to the right patient. To help with this, it is important that you bring all the test results that you have to the first consultation or even better email them in advance.

Insurers Mr Gordon works with

Bupa Bupa WPA WPA
The Exeter The Exeter Bupa Fee Assured Bupa Fee Assured
Aviva Health Aviva Health Vitality Health Vitality Health
Healix Healix AXA PPP Healthcare AXA PPP Healthcare
Cigna Cigna Aetna Aetna