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Vasectomy Reversal

Vasectomy reversal surgery has a good chance of success in the right hands. Many surgeons may offer this procedure but greater success rates are seen in those trained in complex microsurgical repair, as Mr Gordon is. As with other causes of azoospermia men who have undergone previous vasectomy may prefer to have sperm retrieved for use in assisted conception either instead of or in conjunction with attempted reconstructive surgery.

The chances of success (a baby not just sperm in the ejaculate!) will vary according to a range of factors such as the time since the original vasectomy and the age of the female partner. With many factors (biological and financial) at play its important you see an expert to discuss which options are best suited for you as a couple.

In general terms, if your vasectomy was performed less than 10 years ago, your current partner is less than 35 years old and you wish to have more than one child, vasectomy reversal is a better approach.